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Digital transport management by DAKO: TachoWeb provides cross-linked functionalities ranging from transport planning, management of tachograph data and telematics to make your fleet processes more transparent. With TachoWeb, you can manage your entire fleet in one portal – web-based, flexible and secure. Get a personal consultation from our Team or register directly here. (Please note: By sending the registration form, you agree to a binding contract with DAKO. The contract documents will be sent to you by postal service.).
Sustainably aware: DAKO environmental management certified
Sustainably aware: DAKO environmental management certified

DAKO received the DIN certification for environmental management systems in August 2022. The consistent sustainability claim is also reflected in the DAKO product world, which enables transport and logistics companies to work more economically and thus also more resource-efficiently.

The certificate according to international standards shows that DAKO takes responsibility for ecological action at its own site, too. » read more

Useful knowledge for transport and logistics: the DAKO blog
Useful knowledge for transport and logistics: the DAKO blog

As a company in the transport and logistics sector, it is crucial to keep an eye on current developments in the market and in legal regulations. There is also a lot of potential in the area of digitalisation, which offers opportunities for working more economically.

In our blog, we share our expert knowledge: on changes in legal requirements, advice on digitalisation and tips for efficient fleet management and telematics. Visit us here: DAKO Telematics Blog